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Mission Statement

“Evangelizing and Equipping Nationals to Establish Grace-Oriented Churches”

We see ministry to orphans as a defining earmark of a "grace-oriented church".  In scripture we are reminded how close to the heart of God are the orphans, widows, and aliens.  The history of the early church reveals that ministry to the poor and disenfranchised was an assumed part of what defined them as "Christians".

At East-West, as God leads us to evangelize and equip nationals within various cultures, we believe that if we are to help establish "grace-oriented churches", we must be assisting those churches in their work, as they demonstrate to their culture the practice of what the Apostle James called, "true religion", to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

As we do this, it is our prayer that these precious young ones would know, that though abandoned by earthly parents, they have a Heavenly Father who has purchased them to be His very own, bought with the ulitmate price of His Son, Jesus Christ, and as His purchased, their purpose becomes knowing Him and making Him known to the ends of the earth.

Overview of Ministry Activity

East-West began in 1993 primarily in Russia when the iron curtain fell. Since then we have expanded to 20 nations including Russia, Central Asia, Albania, Spain and other communist and former communist countries.

Ann and Robert Fuqua Coordinate Orphan Ministry Projects for East-West, with their primary focus being Russia.  Since 1998, they have been responsible for recruiting, training, and leading teams of Americans to Russia to work in the orphanages and in Christian youth camps formed specifically for the orphans.  This work has always been done as a supportive work, coming alongside Russian Christians who have answered God\'s call on all of us to reach out to the disenfranchised of the society.

Ann says, "It has been a great privilege to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the least of these and to know that long after the Americans leave there is a group of dedicated, hard-working Russian Christians continuing to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of these children, their caregivers and directors."

Through the years many of the children of the orphanages have placed their trust in Christ, but now, as they begin to graduate the orphanages, they can find themselves even more "at-risk" outside the institutional shelter that is all they\'ve known.  For this reason, Robert and Ann are now turning their attention to developing a post-orphanage transitional ministry to assist these orphan teens with the difficulties of making the transition into the world outside the institutions.

Robert says, "It is our desire to see a model of ministry emerge that\'s focused on \'making disciples\', bringing Christian men and women to walk alongside these young people as they try to understand what it might mean to \'walk with Christ\'.  And, to help them develop a Christian world view that might compel them to take the Hope of the Gospel that transformed their lives, to other orphans around the globe."

Plans and Goals

We desire to assist the Christian community in Russia to develop a model of Post-Orphanage Transitional Ministry that can be replicated and implemented whereever there are such children at risk in the world.

2006 begins our third year of Post-Orphanage ministry in the Voronezh region of Russia, and also marks the launch of the residential phase of this transitional program.

We are currently seeking qualified Russian-speaking applicants with a heart for serving as house parents in this program.  Qualified applicants can contact us through our website, or by email.

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