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Mission Statement

We are committed to salvation and healing of the spirits, souls and bodies of the children of Crimea, and ultimately to the restoration of families and villages ravaged by Stalin\'s false famine, deportation, wars and genocide and the lingering effects of 70 years of athiestic communism.

We give special attention to helping fatherless and abused children. those institutionalized in cold and oversized state orphan schools and children who are sick, abandoned or on the streets. We obey the great commission in Crimea Oblast, Ukraine with the help of native Christian workers who have sacrificially given of their time and talents for much less in material rewards than they could make in the secular world. We open doors with humanitarian aid and use our God gifted talents and ingenuity to rescue every child we can from a short unhappy life on the streets and set him on a path to heaven, home, health and happiness.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Light of Crimea Foundation is a humanitarian aid organization which has quietly distributed over 400 tons of humanitarian aid throughout Crimea. We handle warehousing, customs and distriution to children\'s institutions and needy families. We have committed partners in the US and UK who cover most of the costs and fill and ship Land/Sea Containers. They are listed under "Other Contact Information."

We are helping three Christian foster families. Sponsers welcome.

We help sick children, needy children\'s hospitals, orphan schools and sometimes needy adults with money for operations, medicine, food and sometimes other help. We import mostly used hospital equipt, beds, furniture. clothing, toys, paint, tools and, less frequently, food.

All of this humanitarian activity opens the doors for our young native colleagues on, "The Laser Team," to go tell the children about the Saviour and teach them Christian ethics in story and song.

We have imported 350 used computers, from the US and UK with which we have blessed schools and physicaly challenged children. We created and support a successful computer class in the deaf school and are helping to fund the curriculum development for more of them throughout all of Ukraine.

We have two Christian pediatritions and a medical tech who help us minister in hospitals, homes and in doctorless villages.

Plans and Goals

Light of Crimea Foundation is seeking a grant to help us minister to children in Crimea\'s schools with assemblies about AIDS awareness, attitudes and safety. We do need the help of a volunteer experienced successful grant application writer.

Light of Crimea
is seeking funding to assist in the formation of a club for deaf children where they may be taught the good news. We need a website and more committed prayer and donor partners for this and for
the following.

LOC new sister Foundation \'River of Joy\' (see Additional Contact Info) is the epicenter of three interrelated projects which bode well for the children of Crimea and hopefully Ukraine. They are:

1)  Children\'s Summer Christian Campground.
Some beautiful land and farmhouses purchased, baths and toilets installed, some house  construction started. 3 years of camp behind us. But the site is still quite primitive. More construction help is needed.

2) Foster Family Development. Teaching the how and why of raising children-at-risk in safe Christian homes. Five start-up homes will be built in the area of the above campground. Family conferences will teach the newly formed foster families and give them work, supplimental income.

3) Safe Homes in Safe Villages. Helping crippled villages with new church plants, village rebirth and reorganization, importing only new vision and a little construction help as a catalyst for self-help. Partners with house church planting or rehab center ministry and partners with investment and business goals related to agriculture, tourism and construction are sought. Call or Skype David Hallowell.
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