Slavic Int'l Assoc. of Ministries Good Samaritan


Overview of Ministry Activity

SIA of Ministries “Good Samaritan” is a non-profit charity organization that was registered in the State of Washington in November of 1994. We will use the example of two hands to illustrate the goal of the mission. Slavic Ministries "Good Samaritan" exists, on the one hand, to preach the Gospel to the unevangelized peoples of the world, by training, sending and supporting missionaries, evangelists and pastors in East Ukraine, remote areas of Siberia, N. India, and Argentina.

The other hand of our ministry reaches out to orphan children, widows, the sick and needy, through monthly support, children\'s programs and camps, providing medical treatment and sending humanitarian aid in the form of clothing.

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Organization Contact Information
Contact email:sia-goodsamaritan
Phones:+1 253-874-9885
3405 B S. 336th Street
Federal Way, WA 98001
United States
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