Mary Mother of God Mission Society


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the welfare of the society in which we live by coordinating and providing humanitarian services to the needy, as well as to be an intermediary between donors and recipients of aid, providing cost effective, accountable, and honest service to both donors and recipients.  

Overview of Ministry Activity

In our work with children. We are working in orphanages in Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Romanovka, and Lesozovodsk and Artyom providing nutritious food and clothing for the children. We created the Adopt-A-Grandma program to send senior women and men into the orphanages to help care for and play with the children on a regular basis. Through our Crisis Prenancy Centers we help young mothers with care, medical care and food to their newborns during the first months in order that they can keep their children rather than sending them to the orphanages. We provided ultrasound equipment to the local hospitals. We began the Guardian Angel Project to faciliate sponsorship of a child in need to help him/her with food, clothing and medical costs. We sponsor and provide leaders, equipment and supplies for a boy scout troop. We operate 7 Women\'s Support Centers providing counseling and education regarding child birth/care, HIV/AIDES, NFP and post-abortion counseling.

With our 19 year history, we are in a position to help other organizations with on-site personnel and our experience.  We are the official representatives of Healing The Children in the Russian Far East.

Our other activities, not related to children, are a soup kitchen, medical care, hospital care, home care for elderly, AA group, prison ministry, and small cottage industries. 

We are represented at the seven Catholic parishes in Primorye.

Plans and Goals

Women\'s Support Centers inside a major hospital to assist mother\'s and their newborn children.

Boy Scout troups in the cities where we have parishes.

Assist in securing more adequate laundry equipment for the orphanages.

Better insight into the needs and possibilities of the orphanages in the cities where we serve.

Organization Contact Information
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Phones:+1 209-408-0728
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