Bridges of Friendship / Мосты дружбы


Mission Statement

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы is a legal and fully registered Russian Charitable Organization, based in St. Petersburg. It is chartered to provide assistance and spiritual strengthening for widows, orphans, and those in need and to conduct cultural exchange and educational programs that will benefit and strengthen the Russian people. Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы exists to serve and provide avenues of service for various ministries working in Russia.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы was founded in February of 2003 as a Russian conceived and instituted charitable foundation which works with its foreign partners to reach Russian children, orphans, widows and other needy persons with practical, charitable assistance and God\'s love.

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы partners with the American missions organizations Relational Bridges International and Winsome Spirit Ministries as well as churches and individuals in the United States and Australia.

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы issues Letters of Invitation for short-term teams of volunteers to come to Russia to work in youth camps in the summer and orphanages and elderly pensioner facilities on a year-round basis. It maintains working relationships with these facilities and organizations in the St. Petersburg region.

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы is a registered, legal and dependable organization able to receive funds transferred from America and elsewhere to their account in St. Petersburg, Russia. These funds are then distributed according to the donors\' instructions, for charitable and humanitarian purposes. Their financial records of distribution are available.

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы is chartered as a humanitarian, educational, and cultural-exchange public organization. Therefore, the people who receive invitations through the Foundation need to be involved in those kinds of activities--visiting orphanages, working in camps, doing medical programs, visiting the elderly, leading educational and cultural programs (i.e. English camps, Scouting), etc.

Friendship Bridges/Мосты дружбы is fully Russian led and Russian staffed with board members who are Russian and American.

Plans and Goals

The goals of Friendship Bridges as stated in the Charter are as follows:

  • social support and protection of citizens, including the improvement of economic conditions and social rehabilitation of the not sufficiently provided for and socially insecure levels of the population – orphan children, the disabled, pensioners, the unemployed, single people, poor families and families with many children and other persons experiencing difficulties in realization of their rights and legal interests without assistance

  • promote growth of mutual understanding, strengthen peace, friendship and accord between nations

  • help increase the prestige and role of the family in the society

  • assist the protection of childhood, mother- and fatherhood

  • further the development and moulding of the child’s personality, development of imagination and creativity of children

  • contribute to the work in the sphere of education, science, culture, art, spiritual development of the person

  • contribute to the work in the sphere of prophylaxis and protection of health of the citizens, as well as popularization of the healthy life style, improvement of the moral and psychological state of the people

  • contribute to the work in the sphere of physical training and mass sports
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