Adoption - A Gift of Love


Mission Statement

To demonstrate God’s love by helping children reach their fullest potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Adoption – A Gift of Love has been a licensed child placement agency since 1986. The agency currently has programs in China, Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala, Mexico and Cambodia. The agency’s focus is on children with special medical challenges. Assistance is provided for children to receive service in their countries of origin or else children are sponsored to come to the United States for medical care. Generally while in the United States for care, adoptive families are found for the children. The agency provides extensive aid to orphanages and has a foster care program in Tver, Russia.

Plans and Goals

To sponsor 20 children in 2001 for medical care and to find forever homes for them.

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:AGOL
Phones:+1 940-243-0749
P. O. Box 50384
Denton, Texas 76206-0384
United States
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