Mission Support Agency


Mission Statement

Aid to the underprivileged in Ukraine. Our goal is to help Ukrainians to reach out to street children, orphans, and those with addiction problems.

Overview of Ministry Activity

· Feed street children daily and work with two other organizations to help establish Christian homes for these children

· Provide medical and dental care by bringing in medical teams from the United States

· Helped to provide humanitarian aid and run a summer camp for the children

· Bring medical supplies to a local hospital

· Work with a state shelter for children and a local state orphanage

· Provide help for volunteers and teach Bible studies to children and adults

· Preach and teach and train women to do the same

Plans and Goals

· Centers for children to live in and learn life skills

· Vocational training centers

· To have children live with Ukrainian families

· To open an apartment for abused women and children

Upcoming Events
Organization Contact Information
Contact email:msa_org
Phones:+380 445109462
4 Kurnatovskogo str. apt. 182
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