Building Hope in Ukraine


Mission Statement

to make a global impact by making God known in Ukraine & Eastern Europe in 3 focused areas:

Overview of Ministry Activity

1. Compassion

Deep in Zhitomir & Widespread across Ukraine

MISSION: through helping in adoption, humanitarian aid, by visiting and befriending, counseling, and developing relationships with orphan children and widows, visiting nursing homes, we will be Gods hands of love hold His Ukrainian children.


2. Media/Translation

Pioneering the first Ukrainian Media Center for Missions

MISSION: to equip, teach, train, and produce media, communications, language translation, administrative support & management, and basic computing help for missions all over Ukraine.


3. Transformation/Evangelism

Witnessing and Addressing Social issues: human trafficking, etc.

MISSION: to see Ukraine become more like Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel through evangelism, street evangelism and fighting societal ills such as bribery and human trafficking – Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord!


Plans and Goals

1. VISION: to see orphans & widows come to know Jesus Christ, be connected with the local church, and live a successful life.

2. VISION: to make Missions in Ukraine more effective in media, communications, branding, organization, vision casting, fund raising so more Ukrainians come to know Christ.

3. VISION: to plant seeds and reap a harvest of new Ukrainian believers, to see every area of Ukrainian society resemble more and more the character of Jesus Christ.

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