Heart To Heart


Overview of Ministry Activity

Heart to Heart was started in 1995. Its mission is to provide humanitarian aid to orphanages in the regions of Donetsk, Kiev, and Odessa. They also minister in men’s, women’s, and boys’ prisons in Chernigov and Mariupol, and in a cancer hospital in Kiev.

This November they will be visiting new orphanages in the Lutsk region. They organize medical teams from the United States to provide short-term (two-week) medical care for the orphans. They also organize volunteer teams from the United States to take in toys, food, and school supplies to the orphanages. While at each orphanage, a program is provided for the children, including Christian puppet skits in Russian, singing, music, and a gospel presentation.

Heart to Heart has original puppet skits printed and taped in Russian that they are willing to share. They also have a coloring book printed in Russian.

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