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Mission Statement

Equip. Evangelize. Establish.

Since 1987, e3 Partners has brought a unique, biblically-based approach to world missions that has produced significant results in cultures around the world. The focus is church multiplication, incorporating all the key elements of Christ’s commission of going, making disciples, teaching and baptizing in order to plant and grow new churches.


Overview of Ministry Activity

GO! Take a mission trip or an I am Second Expedition outside of your world and into the lives of people in another part of the globe. e3\'s mission is to equip, evangelize and establish Jesus\' church by "going and making disciples" as the Great Commission commands. Engage with the local church to serve the people through various community service projects. Partner with local believers to bring the love and message of Jesus to hurting people.
Explore the opportunities and book your trip today! e3 provides both tools and resources to help you raise funds and to get prepared to go, and a helpful and seasoned trip leader to make your journey unforgettable. Experience what God is doing in another place and culture! GO!

Plans and Goals

As followers of Christ, we want to make this world a better place.  We want to make a difference in people’s lives that starts now and lasts for eternity.  We want to change this world for “good”! We know from God’s word and human history that true lasting change for good only comes as individual lives are redeemed by Jesus Christ and families are restored under His loving leadership.  From there social transformation occurs as communities are renewed through the Church becoming the beacon of hope that God intended - as both the salt and light to the world around her.  

That is why we equip God’s people everywhere to share what Christ has done, develop Christ followers/leaders, and establish thriving churches that multiply and make a real, lasting impact on their surrounding communities. We do this around the world, using national leaders in 20-plus countries supported by hundreds of field ministry staff, along with thousands who annually take short-term trips for evangelistic, church-planting, and other outreach efforts. We have pioneered the most durable low-tech tool for sharing Christ- the Evangecube, and a high-profile, high-tech method of lifting up Christ- I Am Second.

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