Evangelical Mission Society of America


Mission Statement

The Evangelical Mission Society of America ("EMSA") is an interdenominational missions group. We have labored in the former Soviet Union (beginning in 1993) and are now laboring in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Missionaries, Steve and Sophia Schmalz, have been serving in the Republic of Georgia for many years.

Overview of Ministry Activity

  • EMSA provides Bibles, Christian literature, humanitarian aid, both spiritual and temporal support to indigenous pastors and their churches.
  • EMSA ministers in public schools and orphanages offering Bible-based drug awareness programs.
  • EMSA has a yearly summer camp in Georgia.  Dates will be posted in advance, volunteers are encouraged to join us!
  • Playgrounds, educational materials, medicines, school and equipment repairs, clothing, food, and therapeutic equipment are also provided.
  • EMSA ocassionaly holds short-term Children’s Crusade's, sometimes featuring a Christian artist from America.

Plans and Goals

EMSA’s goal is to continue to work in government-run schools, providing both spiritual and temporal aid to the children. Future plans include the purchase of a large home to house the older handicapped children who would otherwise be placed in an adult nursing home after their graduation.

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Organization Contact Information
Contact email:paulsteffens
Phones:+1 516-922-0208
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