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Mission Statement

Narnia Center is a team of Christian leaders dedicated to serving Christ through literature and education. Through an information network, we serve to foster the transformation of lives and to raise the level of Christian leadership. We publish books and resources for ministry that openly or between the lines preach Jesus Christ as Lord and faithfully show the quest of human beings for wholeness of life in God. In educational ministry, Narnia Center serves as a catalyst for developing improved models of training for church ministry, training leaders in children’s ministry and sound practice in evangelistic outreach to unreached people groups.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Books and Videos  Narnia Center in Moscow, Russia develops discipleship resources and trains those who lead followers of Jesus.  Through a network of personal relationships, literature and training we strive to foster life change and to encourage the growth of children and those who lead them.


Narnia Publishing prints Russian language books and develops videos that shape a Christ-centered character.  The primary focus of Narnia Publishing is to publish books for children and youth and those who minister with them. In addition to publishing translations of western authors, Narnia seeks to encourage, develop and publish emerging national (Russian) Christian children’s authors. Narnia Center’s books received top awards at the 2001, 2002 and 2003 International Christian Book Exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Russia. 


Our publishing efforts focus largely on providing high quality, delightful and instructive children’s fiction as well as educational materials for use in teaching children in families, churches,  orphanages and Christian camps.  We seek children’s fiction that has a universal and lasting appeal to children and adults across cultural boundaries. Being a Christian publisher, we produce books that preach Christian moral and virtues directly or between the lines.


If you are interested in purchasing books from Narnia, please contact us through the information above.   We offer free delivery in Moscow, we ship books within Russia and former CIS republics and can airmail them to any country in the world. Please contact us for a full price-list, discount opportunities, delivery and payment methods.  If you are in Moscow, Russia we would be thrilled to seeing you in our office.

Narnia Center\'s Children\'s Ministry Leadership Training program works with children\'s ministry leaders who have regional responsibility for training Sunday School teachers, organizing summer camps and training camping leaders, developing effective ministry within orphanages and children at risk.  Training takes place in intensive sessions during which participants live together, study together, worship together and practice teaching together.  Sessions are highly practical so that students not only learn theory but also test out new skills.  This training program is interconfessional - leaders from Baptist, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran and other churches take part.

Narnia: Children\'s Ministry Our magazine is published in Russian, and its purpose is to serve as an information network connecting a wide variety of leaders in children\'s ministry spread out over the vast expanse of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other regions where Russian is the common language.  It includes seasonal articles related to Sunday School, Harvest festival, Christmas, Easter and the camping season.  Also included are book reviews, interviews with leaders in children\'s ministry (Sunday School teachers, orphanage workers, camping leaders, substance abuse counselors, club directors and those who work with children at risk).  Craft ideas, letters to parents, letters to teachers, children\'s sermons, lessons and much, much more are included.  Narnia is now developing a website to serve similar purposes and to aid in book sales.

Church and Orphanage Children\'s Library Project  Since the printing of Christian books and the printing of books with an implicitly Christian worldview was forbidden during seventy years of Soviet socialism, there is a general lack of understanding of what books are helpful for the Christian growth of children.  Many of these books are now available in Russia, but churches, parents and teachers in general do not know of their value.  We plan to hold a five day children\'s library training seminar for parents, teachers, pastors and educators in each of Russia\'s seven regions.  After training leaders in the use of children\'s books and the organization of a children\'s library, we can help them establish their own library. 

Missionaries to Children   In order to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by the organization of Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools and evangelistic weekday programs, we invite you to pray for and become a sponsor for a woman or man who is prepared to expand his or her ministry beyond the local church to start children\'s ministry in neighboring towns and villages where a new church is beginning, but where there is no Sunday School or Christian ministry for children.  In addition to starting Sunday Schools and other programs for children, these women and men will train local leaders to take over the work they begin.  When they have passed on the work to new leaders, they will start work in another town or city.  These missionaries work under the authority and structure of the regional church (Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist or Lutheran) to which they belong.  The approximate need to support a missionary for children\'s ministry is $100 per month or $1200 per year.  This amount will provide for teaching materials, transportation expenses and a slim salary for a single person living in central Russia. These missionaries also receive ongoing training through Narnia Educational Center\'s children\'s ministry leadership training program.

Ministry Training Centers  Narnia Center works to organize and develop Ministry Training Centers to alleviate the deep need for trained church leaders in Russia resulting from the ban on educational institutions for Russian Protestant churches during the Soviet era.  Because a full time seminary education is a luxury few can afford, our strategy for Ministry Training Centers is to train local leaders close to home.  Students gather for short (one or two week) sessions in regional centers two to four times per year.  They attend lectures and take exams during sessions.  Between sessions students work on practical ministry assignments and write reflection papers under the supervision of mentors and local pastors.  Local pastors participate in shorter seminars together with students for their ongoing training and to link them into the process of mentoring students in practical ministry assignments between sessions.  Our strategy also involves working closely with the local director of each ministry training center.  We encourage the ongoing development and growth of each center\'s director through a mentoring relationship and through support of continuing education.  We encourage in each center the formation of an advisory board consisting of local pastors and missionaries of the region.  A combination of local teachers, theologically trained Russian church leaders and PCUSA pastors traveling to Russia on short term mission trips form the teaching staff for these centers.

Plans and Goals

  • Training of leaders for children\'s ministry
  • Publication of literature for children\'s ministry
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