Orphans First


Mission Statement

Orphans First is a ministry expressing God\'s heart to hurting children.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Through the vital participation of the local church, we can meet the children\'s desperate physical needs, and also their spiritual and emotional needs. Through the teaching of God\'s Word, these little ones who thought they were last learn that through Christ, they are first (Mt.19:30) The fatherless learn they have a Father (Ps.68:5). And abandonned children learn they have a family.

Orphans First – expressing God\'s heart to hurting children to help them become:

– HAPPY as they receive Jesus\' love manifest through His church.
– HEALTHY as they receive food, education and shelter.
– HOPEFUL as they learn about God\'s grace through His Word.
– HELPFUL as they learn to serve God and to tell others about Him.

Orphans First – changing children\'s lives through Christ.

– Our vision: to help suffering children everywhere, by God\'s grace.
– Our goal: to use the local church to help hurting children.
– Our policy: to nurture children in the Lord through a family atmosphere.

It is a Christian ministry to suffering children in the world & we create orphanages, work with street children & also work in state orphanages as well as helping somewhat with adoptions. We also have a prayer chain.

Plans and Goals

We plan to reach more children more effectively. In particular, we plan to improve begin a regular street children\'s ministry in Bangkok, to help our friends working in Haiti to get a school up and running, and also to come alongside a small existing orphanage in Siberia.  We\'re also praying to improve general conditions in our orphanage in India.  We\'d love to see how to get the street children in Moscow into a home--although this seems a legal mountain.

Other than that, we are praying for better support both financially but also in the area of administration and equipment (computer upgrade) so we can expand. 

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Organization Contact Information
Contact email:Janey
Phones:+1 951-294-7736
106 South 28th Street
Tacoma, Washington 98402
United States
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