Lighthouse Ministries


Mission Statement

Lighthouse provides Christ-centered assistance to the poor, homeless, and hungry. We address their spiritual, physical, educational, and social needs through food distribution, orphanage relief, and a homeless shelter.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Orphanage Relief - Melitopol area

Job Development - Zaporozhia Oblast, Crimea, Kiev

Youth Camp - Camp Azovskiy Myaak - Camp Lighthouse on the Sea of Azov

Church outreach/church planting - Melitopol area

Plans and Goals

To help the people of Ukraine reach a sustainable level of care for their orphaned and abandoned children. Converting our summer Youth Camp to a year-round facility would be a giant step in intervening in the tragic routine of children becoming "street people" because they have no skills, education, or hope.

Upcoming Events
Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 317-636-0301
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