Love Russia


Mission Statement

To promote any charitable purpose in the former Republics of the former Soviet Union including the relief of poverty, sickness and distress, based on Christian principles and demonstrating Christian compassion and teaching, where appropriate.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Love Russia became a registered Christian charity in 1993 to increase awareness of the plight of orphaned children in the newly developing region that had been part of the former Soviet Union. LR began by supporting a single project orphanage and 70 children. In 2015 LR now personally supports and encourages over 350 "children and babies at risk" in projects in three main regions of west Russia. Regular ten day visits every three months have enabled LR to establish a good rapport and working relationship with officials and caring individuals in the Local Authorities in LR's areas of influence. these good relationships and trust enable LR to 50/50 "match fund" for new and ongoing projects. Supporters are regularly reminded that they are welcome to take part in a visit at their own expense and Love Russia has seen many benefits and increasing support through this "hands on contact" with our supporters. A Bi-Monthly Diary and Newsletter is mailed to more than 4,000 prayer supporters. Summer Camp teams and special project teams are organised through the UK Office.

In 2005 Love Russia USA Inc was formed and was based in San Antonio Texas. for a number of years teams from Boston went to Russia to an orphanage, led by Keith Doyle. Love Russia USA Inc has now ceased (2014) and any persons interested in making a donation or in joining a summer camp team should contact the main LR office for details.

Plans and Goals

Love Russia Goals

  • To show the love of Jesus in a practical way
  • To Rescue and Feed
  • To Clothe and Shelter
  • To improve Eductaional standards
  • To share the Gospel message if appropriate
Organization Contact Information
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Phones:+44 115 9831100
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