Orphans' Future Foundation (Ukraine)


Mission Statement

To help Ukrainian orphan children and youth of the Ternopil region to become independent, self sufficient and confident when they face the reality of life beyond the orphanages.


Overview of Ministry Activity

  • assistance in providing medical, legislative help, promoting a healthy way of life;
  • to participate in a charitable activity, fulfill social programs and promote the harmonious development of personality;
  • to establish informational and creative contacts between persons and organizations, including international ones which favor the process of Ukraine\'s entering the world\'s community of nations.
  • uniting orphans and protecting their rights and interests, that are provided by a Ukrainian state legislation;
  • Participating in volunteer work, leading social programs, assistance in concordant individual\'s development;
  • Accumulation of informational and artistic contacts with individuals and organizations in Ukraine, as well as abroad;
  • Leading different artistic, scientific, informational, and promoting activities, that correspond to the tasks of the



Plans and Goals

Foster care Homes for Orphans ($2,000 per year) (7-8 families) - Almost done...but we keep involving more families to join the program

Shelter and Resource Center for for Orphan gradautes (About 100 orphans will benefit from the project)  Our need is $35,000


Upcoming Events
Organization Contact Information
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Phones:+380 (97) 553 08 20
3/74 Vynnychenko Street
Ternopil Region
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Ternopil region
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