Father’s Care Charitable Fund


Mission Statement

To restore the family to Christ and to each other.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Father’s Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian humanitarian organization that since 1999 has been involved in giving hope and a future to some of the 120,000+ street kids in Kiev. The charitable fund, Father\'s Care [Botkivska Turbota in Ukrainian], is officially registered with the Ukraine government. Our focus is the restoration of the family.

Father’s Care is currently operating in Kiev as a rehabilitation center, providing an education, housing, food and medical attention to street children and children at risk.

Plans and Goals

· Open a Home/Rehab Center (The Ark) that has a family-like structure encouraging children to reach their full potential as godly, loving, skilled and responsible members of Ukrainian society. (Status: A building complex has been purchased and children live there.)

· Develop training and rehabilitation programs to be provided at the Rehab Center. (Status: Working)

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:KievKids
Phones:+1 404-539-6423
PO Box 52989
Atlanta, GA 30355
United States
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