Ezra International


Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue and care for street children in Kiev, Ukraine and to minister to the whole child in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Ezra International has been registered in Ukraine as a humanitarian aid organization since 1996. It sends humanitarian aid to the ex-Soviet Union, has a program for returning poor Jews from the ex-Soviet Union to Israel, and 9 years ago began ministering to street children in Kiev. We see ourselves as an "enabling organization" in the area of street children - raising funds for the work with the children and assisting and encouraging the Ukrainian workers.  A major focus of our work is in the Quarantine section (the entry point for homeless children) of the Myakosvago government shelter in Kiev.  We have a street feeding program and as part of that also take food to very needy families. We provide monthly support to Father\'s House.  In the summer we hold small camps in the Crimea and assist with other camps.  We minister in a prison for girls, including a Bible Correspondence program.   

Plans and Goals

We want to have a transition house and small business for older street children to teach them skills to be able to successfully live independently.

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 352-394-4673
P.O. Box 120926
Clermont, FL 34712-0926
United States
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