Glorious Day Foundation


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be an instrument of adolescent development for teenagers who are at social risk.  Glorioso Dia is oriented to provide spiritual, psychological, educational, vocational, social, and physical resources so that the teens can achieve success and a God driven lifestyle.   

Ministry Overview: 

Our ministry provides group homes in which youth at risk can develop in every area of their life.  This allows the youth to have a  good model of a family that is centered on biblical principles.  We currently have 2 homes in which 10 boys between the ages of 12-18 live  with a foster father, mother, and their biological children. 
We also provide opportunities for spiritual growth with discipleship, counseling, and a local church for the youth to be plugged into.  
We have a licensed psychologist with a master's degrees who meets with each youth on a weekly basis or whenever needed.  Along with this, we take care of the teen's physical and educational needs.  We have a nurse on staff who monitors their health needs.  We also have tutors on staff who help the boys with their home work or to help them improve their grades and enhance in their studies.  
Finally, we connect the boys with christian families from the community who invite them into their house every other weekend.  This opens the door for sponsorship and/or adoption. 
We provide opportunities for mission teams to serve at our organization as well as individual volunteer opportunities. 

Plans and goals of your organization:

We would like to open alternative housing in which the graduates of our program can live.  We believe after the age of 18 the boys still need mentoring and support through out their young adult years. 
We also would like to buy land in order to build more houses and offices that will improve our program and provide more opportunities for more youth.  We would like to have recreational areas and a farming area that can help us reach self sustainability. 
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