Slavic Christian Ministries


Our Mission Statement: Our prayer is that Slavic Christian Ministries will be known as a ministry that dramatically impacts lives as we:

  1. Ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to the lost;
  2. Meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the hurting and poor;
  3. Create partnerships between the churches in the Eastern and Western hemispheres in an effort to expand the Kingdom of Christ to the ends of the earth (through short-term mission efforts).

Our objective is to see people completely transformed through the life-changing knowledge and unwavering truth of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on the cross and His on-going ministry to His Church.

Ministry Overview: Orphan care, refugee assistance, medical mission trips, drug rehabilitation, theology courses.

Our plans and goals: To expand the Kingdom of God by ushering people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through our various outreach events.

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Contact email:roninkharkov
14167 Albatross Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921
United States
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