Hope Blooms


Mission Statement

Hope Blooms is a non profit organization founded to bridge the gap in services for orphans& widows. Our goal is to provide support groups, activities, non traditional therapies and more to those facing challenges.

Overview of Ministry Activity

We provide:

  • Support Groups
  • Activities
  • Animal Assisted Therapy

Our goal is to help families facing challenges be able to work through the challenges.

Connection groups will be starting in the St. Cloud MN area. Connection groups are a new way to do support groups. Not only will you get support, but also practicle tools that will help your help your child from hard places. We will tackle one obstacle at a time, and help give your child a voice, lower cortisol levels, help with sensory challenges and more. This is something you won't want to miss!

Plans and Goals

Get our community center built!

Start support groups

As funding falls into place, we will be adding employees to carry out our mission further.

Our goal is to take Hope Blooms to other States.

Upcoming Events
Organization Contact Information
Contact email:shannon
Personal website:www.hopebloomsmn.org
8960 1st Ave North
PO Box 152
Clear Lake, MN 55319
United States
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