CRY - Care & Relief for the Young


Mission Statement

CRY is a Christian charity dedicated to caring for disadvantaged, destitute and suffering children, young people and their families.

CRY aims to rescue and restore young lives broken by poverty, oppression, exclusion and abuse and to provide appropriate opportunities for a better future.


Overview of Ministry Activity


  • Motivated by the Christian ethics of love and integrity with a high regard for the value of each individual person, regardless of their background or station in life.
  • Works with children, young people and their families
  • Governed by a clear and appropriate Child Protection policy
  • Supports local church(es) as they assume responsibility for the care programmes in their own community
  • Encourages liaison with local government and other NGO’s
  • Involves and seeks to enhance local communities
  • Plans appropriate funding strategies for each programme which generally encourages self-sufficiency and discourages long term dependency
  • Special attention given to those groups of people within the wider community which are marginalised and discriminated against.

Plans and Goals


  • Care of Children, Young People and Family Support

    Encourage and support families to care for their own children
    Work directly with children on the streets
    Support residential child care where appropriate
    Develop fostering and adoption options for children in residential care.
  • Education & Training

    Encourage and support deprived children and young people to access education
    Resource and support schools, kindergartens, homework clubs etc which provide education for deprived children and young people
    Provide life skills and sexual health education, particularly with respect to HIV/AIDS
    Encourage and advise on health promotion issues and access to medical services
    Provide and encourage access to vocational training.

  • Medical and Rehabilitation

    Provide appropriate medical assistance to deprived children and young people
    Resource and support rehabilitation programmes for children and young people with addictions
    Support children, young people and their families who have disabilities and special needs
    Provide ‘day centre’ type activities for children and young people with disabilities and special needs.

  • Agricultural and Business

    Support the development of agricultural programmes which feed the poor, enable families to achieve self sufficiency, and generate income
    Support the development of small business ventures with, for example, ‘seed funding’, specialist skills etc which provide employment for young people and generate income (income generated would help achieve self-sufficiency of the various care programmes).

  • Emergency Response

    Provision of survival requirements, specialist professionals and other workers delivered to refugees from conflict zones and victims of disasters generally.
    Reference here should be made to our ‘guiding principles’ or working through local churches and/or in liaison with other NGO’s, local government.
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