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Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA is an organization working for the religious liberty of persecuted Christians, those suffering repression, and children in need.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Nineteen ninety-eight was another traumatic year for the Russian people. In August the economy collapsed after being at crisis point for several months. This had a dramatic impact on all aspects of Russian life including, of course, governmental and city councils, which are responsible for the care of an estimated 750,000 abandoned and orphaned children. In 1991, at the request of the Moscow City Government, Baroness Caroline Cox was invited to set up the first foster care program ever tried in the former Soviet Union.

Moscow, Russia – “Our Family Project”

In Moscow, "Our Family" is a foster care program where up to 14 children live in a family-style home. Here they receive professional support, as well as loving care, to prepare them for foster family placements. Based at the same site, the foster-care program services, recruits, assesses, and trains prospective foster parents. Both parents and children then continue to be supported after placement by health care professionals and counselors. The Moscow City Council provides the building and services for Our Family, while CSW provides staffing and salaries.


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