2013 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil

  Sunday, May 19, 2013
  All day


A vigil isn’t really about holding candles, staying up late, or even about the event itself. A vigil is about heartfelt, concentrated prayer. A vigil is about settling our hearts on things that matter—petitioning God to move in our world.

The National Foster Care Prayer Vigil is a call to believers to join with others and pray during the month of May, which is National Foster Care Month.  Join thousands around the country as we cry out to God on behalf of the over 400,000 children in our nation's foster care system, workers, their families (foster and birth), and the church’s response to the foster care crisis.

Would you be willing to give some of your time to join with others to pray for our Foster Care System in one of the following ways?

  • With your family
  • With your small group
  • With your church
  • With your community
  • With your co-workers over lunch
  • With your foster/adoption agency workers

No matter which of these you choose, you can register your prayer vigil here.

See the map for a listing of vigils already scheduled. The red flags indicate community vigils that anyone can join. We’ve also created a downloadable prayer guide that can help you and others know how to pray.  

Do you have friends and family who would also be willing to pray for these children?  Please pass along this website and consider encouraging them to plan their own time of prayer. 

Dennis Rainey on the 2012 National Foster Care Prayer Vigil

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