Sensory Smart Strategies for Real-Life Challenges

  Friday, April 17, 2015
  12:00 am — 12:00 am


Friday April 17, 2015 | Dayton, Ohio

Children first learn about the world through their senses. They touch and see people and objects, hear noises, experience smells and tastes, and explore their bodies' ability to move through space against the force of gravity. These pieces of sensory information integrate to give the child an understanding of the environment and a sense of well-being and security.

This neurological process happens automatically for most kids, teens, and adults. However, adopted children and those living in foster families are at increased rist for sensory processing difficulties. Challenges may include oversensitivity to sounds or textures, struggles with self-care tasks such as toothbrushing or hair washing, picky eating, poor focus and attention, and developmental delays.​

This course will empower professionals who work with adoptive and foster familes to cope with these challenges, arming them in-depth understanding of sensory processing challenges and how they can impact behavior, learning, and everyday function, including:​

  • How to identify sensory processing challenges in children
  • Practical techniques for managing both oversensitivity and under sensitivity to commonplace sensory experiences
  • Ways avoid overstimulation and deal with self-stimulatory behaviors and meltdowns
  • Strategies that help children maintain an optimal state of arousal and behavior
  • Low-cost environmental modifications that help kids feel and learn better
  • Activities for fine motor development, core strength and stability, attention and self-regulation
  • Tips for challenges with circle time, snack time, free play, transitions, and more
  • Collaborating with parents, therapists, and schools

This presentation will consist of lecture, slides, videos, extensive handout, and hands-on activities. $30 per person
Registration is required.​
CEU's will be provided.

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