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  Monday, June 15, 2015
  12:00 am
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Over 20 Years of Ministry

Summer camps were once used to indoctrinate children with the aesthetic teachings of the Soviet Young Pioneers durring the USSR. Now, Little Lambs Ministry hosts Christ-centered camps and children living in orphanages are given new clothing, have a chance to be creative, build friendships, and are shown the love that Jesus has for them.

Little Lambs partners with Ukrainian Christians and orphanage graduates to reach out to the orphaned and abandoned children in Ukraine. American teams work alongside Ukrainian volunteers to provide these camp programs. The camps are held in former pioneer camps or at orphanages.

Each camp is 2 weeks long and will cares for 75 -120 orphans between the ages of 6 and 17. 


Little Lambs Ministry seeks to empower nationals in their efforts to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of orphaned and abandoned children living in the former Soviet Union. One way we do this is by sending foreign teams to work hand in hand with nationals to provide Christ-centered Camp Programs for these children. The very presence of an American team is an encouragement to the Ukrainian volunteers and draws the attention of other local Ukrainians to our Summer Camp Programs - allowing us the opportunity to share our overall ministry with them.

The camps are uniquely structured so that Ukrainians take the lead in running the camp program while the American teams come along side to assist in leading daily activities. As these two cultures minister together they create a new type of community. This community is defined by a mutual hospitality and continued sense of learning in regards to culture and language. The very presence of a foreign team creates empowerment as they serve with flexibility and love to both the Ukrainian team and the children.

These sessions of our summer camp ministry are only the beginning of the work Little Lambs Ministry does with these children. Our ultimate goal is to continue discipleship throughout the year and provide these children with access to resources that will help them to become self-sustaining, contributing members of their society. The Ukrainians do this by visitations and outreaches in the orphanages after the camp, inviting children to stay with their families on the weekends and mentoring them so that they learn basic life skills. In this way, these children have access to supportive communities and know that they have someone to turn to if they are ever in need.

Your ministry following summer camp volunteering can continue by corresponding with children you connected with and spending time praying for them throughout the year. Our relief program and homes are a part of the continued work we do. To see more, click on our pages designated for each of these programs.

The role of American volunteers in our camp ministry is vital. If you are interested in joining us this summer please complete the application below and send in by: February 28, 2014. 

They help train and prepare all their volunteers with training manuals and communication during the spring. All volunteers should be prepared to serve in whatever way needed. Some great camp volunteer resources can be foundhere. Please email or call us for more information.  

Requirements for Camp Volunteers:

A valid passport
Must be 18-75 years of age
Experience in children's or camp ministry preferred
Commitment to work with the team leader and serving under the authority of the team leader and Little Lambs Ministry staff
Commitment to meeting all required deadlines and paying balances on time

Potential leaders: Please contact the office for more information on becoming a team leader.
Consider being a part of this life-changing experience!

Your next step is to download the 2015 Summer Camp Volunteer Application and mail it by February 28, 2014, to:

Little Lambs Ministry
P.O. Box 87463
Carol Stream, IL 60188

For additional information go to their website at

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