Mission Specialties, Inc. (MSi)


Mission Statement

"Mission Specialties is dedicated to serving orphans to achieve their God-given potential and to become productive members of society." MSi carries this out by establishing and supporting  programs that empower orphanage graduates for independent living through personal and spiritual mentoring, life-skills training and career development.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Mission Specialties, Inc, (MSi) is a host organization for The CoMission for Children at Risk network. Founded in 1999, The CoMission facilitates effective partnerships among Christ-centered mission organizations whose efforts are changing the lives of orphans and street children around the world. The CoMission supports new and existing national organizations dedicated to serving children at risk in their own countries. Dr. Braund, Karmen Friesen, and a partnership council are providing leadership to this initiative.

MSi was established by Dr. Ron Braund, a marriage and family therapist from Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning in 1992, he served as an executive director for The CoMission and coordinated counseling services for missionaries serving in the former Soviet Union. During this time, Dr. Braund saw a need to develop a network of support for national Christians needing a partner to carry out family-centered projects within their own countries. Services include equipping national partners with personalized consultation, logistical planning, administrative support, accountability for funds, and long-term follow-up. In addition to serving nationals, MSi has facilitated over a dozen western leaders to establish their own organizations to support Christian missions.

Dr. Braund also partners with The Mission Society in Norcross, Georgia providing professional services in missionary candidate selection and training. He also serves as the regional coordinator for mission activities and partnerships in Russia.

Mission Specialties, Inc. is the founding sponsor of OrphanGrad International, an initiative to prepare orphan graduates for independent living.   A comprehensive support center in southern Russia, staffed by Russian Christians, serves orphan graduates in the region with programs that encompass three areas: Social Adjustment, Spiritual Discipleship and Vocational Training.   

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