2009 Eastern European Summit on Orphans and the Church

Nowhere else will you be able to find a gathering of such qualified, tested, proven, and committed men & women of faith whose sole purpose is to reach out to the orphan and fatherless in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was truly humbled and honored to be at this event.

                                                          ~Jason Wiser, Director and Founder
                                                            Child Protection Ukraine

I have been working with orphans since 1996 and ministering to orphans has always been important to me.  However, this conference completely changed my vision for ministry.  After returning home from the EES, I began to develop closer and deeper relationships with the orphans I had been previously working with... This conference completely changed our approach to ministry...; within me, a desire was born to encourage others towards adoption and fostercare, and we also plan to open a training school for foster families.  All said, many things in my life changed after this conference and I want to express my thanks to those who organized such an effective event.

                                                           ~Gennady Petrov, Founder
                                                             Mercy Fund (Милосердие)

The EES was such a great opportunity to meet some amazing people and get great insight into other areas--or the same areas--of children's ministry here in Ukraine.  Attending the conference created a bigger picture of the little things we do everyday alone.  It was such an encouragement!

                                                          ~Jessica Wyman, English Teacher
                                                            Ukrainian Orphanage in Zaporozhye

It was encouraging to see a room filled with Russian and Ukrainian believers united around a topic that is close to Jesus' heart- caring for the fatherless. For those that were "burned-out" in ministry, or discouraged from government or financial opposition it was a time of refreshment and rejuvination. I know people left the three days with new energy and purpose.

                                                  ~Karen Springs, Project Director for "The Gift of Adoption
                                                    CBN Ukraine

Going into the conference, it was my desire to learn the steps necessary to bringing HIV-positive children into families.  At the conference, I not only received the information I needed, but was also able to personally talk with parents who have adopted HIV-positive children themselves!

                                                  ~Nadezhda Chernukha, Director
                                                    Peremoga Charity (Перемога)

God's church is on the move in Eastern Europe - as evidenced at the EE Summit for Children at Risk. The Holy Spirit is doing a deep work in many Christians - giving them a father's heart for the least, the unloved and the orphaned. The challenge now lies with the western church to enable their brothers and sisters facing such a mammoth task.

                                                           ~Fiona Stauch,
                                                             Love Russia

This conference was essential for our ministry.  Through the years, we have not had support from anyone as we worked with orphans.  We often ran up against apathy and misunderstanding, even from believers!  This was very hurtful to us, and made it hard for us to move forward to where God was calling us.  At the EES, we received affirmation in our ministry!  We met many people who are moving forward and were willing to share with us their invaluable experience and knowledge.  We finally received the support we have needed!  Today we are moving with new strength, new ideas, and new contacts.  And finally, we know that we are not alone!

                                                           ~Natalya Sipa, Director
                                                             NGO Ecology and Protection for the Population

I can only imagine the ripple effect that is taking place as God works through this relatively small gathering of people to impact the lives of thousands of His beloved children across Eastern Europe.

                                                           ~Robert Fuqua, Orphan Ministry Coordinator
                                                             East-West Ministries International

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