2006 Eastern European Summit for Children at Risk

November 10-14, 2006 - Russia

The CoMission for Children at Risk and The Russian National Network thank you for your interest in the 2006 Eastern European Summit for Children at Risk. The Summit, which took place in Russia from Nov 10-14, 2006 was a wonderful blessing for us and we hope that it was a blessing for everyone who attended as well.

"In the midst of Russia and Eastern Europe's ever increasing struggle to provide support for orphans and street children, a clear biblical vision integrated with a socially significant strategy is desparately needed. The 2006 Eastern European Summit for Children at Risk aims to successfully network faith-based NGO's to address this critical need." Dr. Ron L. Braund, CoMission Chairman 

The purpose of this gathering was to take a more in-depth look at current trends in orphan ministry, to promote best practice procedures, and to facilitate more effective networking. Emphasis was put on post orphanage transition programs, specifically live-in centers, drop-in or ministry centers, and fostercare. 

Networking was a central focus of the Summit. Every aspect of our time together, from facilitation sessions to meals, was designed to allow conference attendees to connect with each other. 

The conference consisted of a combination of workshops and information sharing, along with practical, on-site visits of various models.  The primary goal was to foster cooperation among organizations, leading to application and implementation.   

It was our vision that the Summit would provide a forum in which organizations could exchange vital information, explore strategic partnerships, and support one another.  We praise God that all three of these things took place at the Summit!

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