2009 Eastern European Summit on Orphans and the Church

March 17-19, 2009 Donetsk, Ukraine
Whether or not you were able to attend the 2009 Eastern European Summit on Orphans and the Church, you can benefit from the information and training by watching the videos right here. Two videos are available in English and 16 are available in Russian. We encourage you to email your Russian partners a link to our Russian site so that they can receive excellent training at their convenience!

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Eastern European Summit on Orphans and the Church
March 17-19, 2009
Donetsk Christian University, Donetsk, Ukraine

Hosted by:
The National Network for Children at Risk, The CoMission for Children at Risk, and Russian and Ukrainian national organizations with experience in helping the church care for orphans.

Why did we gather?
As followers of Christ, we are called to care for the fatherless. While the needs of orphans in Eastern Europe are significant and urgent, there are incredible opportunities for the Church to extend Christ-like love and compassion to these children in numerous ways. As Ukraine, Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe transition from institutional to family-based care for orphans, there is also a new urgency for the body of Christ to provide leadership in orphan care at local, regional and national levels. At present, most Christian families in Eastern Europe are not yet fully prepared to integrate such needy children into their homes as connected members. With mobilization and equipping, national churches will be in a position to assume influential leadership in serving and loving the least of these.
Who was this conference for?
This summit was designed for Eastern European pastors, church leaders, organization representatives, and government officials to share and learn together how the body of Christ can bring hope to orphans. 
What did attendees gain?
Through general sessions, interactive workshops, networking with experts and other leaders, and site visits to model ministries, attendees gained:
  • A deeper understanding of God's heart for orphans
  • A fuller appreciation for the urgency of the need
  • Practical tools for encouraging and supporting national believers who are interested in helping to care for orphans through prayer, visitation, life-skills training, mentoring, guardianship, foster care, and adoption
  • Exposure to model church-based orphan ministries, including foster care and adoption, through site visits
Plenary Speakers included:
  • Gennady Makhnenko, Pastor, Church of Good Changes in Mariupol, Ukraine, and Director of the Pilgrim children’s rehabilitation center
  • Dr. Susan Hillis, Senior HIV Scientist, Division of Reproductive Health, CDC, USA
  • Sergey Demidovich, Pastor, Good News Church in Slavyansk, Ukraine, and Producer of TV-Together Nikolai Kuleba, Director of Governmental Child Services for the city of Kiev


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