CoMission Conference Highlights

Whether or not you were able to attend the 2009 Eastern European Summit on Orphans and the Church, you can benefit from the information and training by watching the videos right here.Two videos are available in Englishand16 are available in Russian. We encourage you to email your Russian partnersa link to our Russian siteso that they can...
2007 - The Father's Heart
A Conference For Russian Christian Women
On April 28th, 2007 theCoMission for Children at Riskco-hosted a women's conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. The other hosts were Saddleback Church (the church of Rick Warren, author of Purpose Driven Life), Northlands Church (in Atlanta) and Zhatva Church in St. Petersburg. The Father's Heart was a one-day event for Russian women with...
The CoMission for Children at RiskandThe Russian National Networkthank you for your interest in the 2006 Eastern European Summit for Children at Risk. The Summit, which took place in Russia from Nov 10-14, 2006 was a wonderful blessing for us and we hope that it was a blessing for everyone who attended as well. "In the midst of Russia...
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