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Overview of Ministry Activity

Action International Ministries is a missionary sending and recruiting agency working with the urban poor, street children, Aids orphans and marginalized community groups.  They are not seeking to develop new ministries that just duplicate existing ministries in Eastern Europe, but rather prefer to work in joint partnerships with existing organizations and church networks.  

Action International Ministries is a member of EA Global connections in UK and WEF. They are also members in the UK of of CICM Viva Network and CSC (Consortium for Street Children).

Related Resources
This workbook manual developed by Action International Philippines is for assisting Christians in ministering the gospel and compassionate care for God's glory, especially to the 160 million street children and 143 million orphans of the world and other children at risk. The manual (valued at $10) has been distributed to ministries and...
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Contact email:info
Phones:+1 403-443-2221
PO Box 280
Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0
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